5 x 2 Fashion Jewellery Infographics March 09 2016

We couldn't stop at just five, so here is ten fashion jewellery infographic cheat sheets to make your jewellery shopping so much easier - enjoy!

1 Anatomy Class of a Ring Stack

 Ring Stack Anatomy infographic



2 Geometry Class of a Ring Stack

Ring Stack infographic



3 Earrings Style Guide

earrings styles guide infographic



4 Perfect Pendants Cheat Sheet

necklaces styles infographic


5 Comprehensive Neckline Jewellery Guide

cuts accessories infographic



6 Best Bracelet Stacks

bracelet stacks infographic



7 Perfect Jewellery Timing Cheat Sheet

timing jewellery infographic



8 Necklace Lengths Guide

necklaces length infographic



9 Jewellery Clasp Guide

clasp types infographic



10 Cjmprehensive Guide to Chain Designs

chain types infographic



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5 x 2 Overlooked Oscars 2016 Outfits March 01 2016

oscars 2016 most talked about cate blancett alicia vikander
While the press goes in great details praising and judging Oscar winner’s Alicia Vikander Disney-inspired dress, as well as gossiping about Cate Blanchett’s fresh new haircut, there have been a few incredible dresses on the red carpet which have not quite got enough attention they deserve. Jewel could not stop at our classic five, so here is twice as many read carpet chic for you:

1 Dave Grohl & Jordyn Blum

Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum
Foo Fighters frontman and his wife Jordyn have appeared as a harmonious couple on the red carpet. Jewel loves this unconventional and sexy dress despite some criticism it received from Scout website.


2 Robin Roberts

robin roberts
"Good Morning America" host dazzled in a shiny gold gown with a beaded choker. Robin manages to create a timeless look while staying on top of trends at the same time, and this is why we love her outfit.

3 Tom McCarthy & Wendy Merry McCarthy

Tom McCarthy and Wendy Merry McCarthy
Director Tom McCarthy and Wendy Merry McCarthy attending the Oscars for Spotlight picture. We adore Wendy’s flowing silver gown and impeccable style, and could really kill for her dress.

4 Phyllis Nagy

Carol screeenwriter Phyllis Nagy
Carol screenwriter Phyllis Nagy has chosen a classic tuxedo inspired look. Her look is one of the most elegant toned-down choices for the red carpet.

5 Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Flavin

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin
Sylvester Stallone’s stunning companion Jennifer Flavin channels classic Jolie pose. The reason we have included this image in our collection is that the fabulous Saint Laurent gown is probably the last thing you notice.

+1 Tracey E. Edmonds

Tracey E. Edmonds in Lorena Sarbu
Model, actress and businesswoman Tracey Edmonds demonstrates her flawless style by choosing this dreamy gown by Romanian designer Lorena Sarbu.

+2 Mark Ruffalo & Sunrise Coigney

Mark Ruffalo and Sunrise Coigney
This beautiful actor’s couple rocks a bohemian inspired looks with more relaxed glamour, and we love how they pull together confidence without trying too much. And we actually love the belt!

+3 Sian Grigg 

Sian was the makeup artist on The Revenant
Not so well-known couple, Sian was the makeup artist on The Revenant, and her date remains unknown. We adore Sian traditional choice of a gown, which compliments her natural figure.

+4 Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso
Such a classically stunning Oscars couple, and we are not sure whom we envy more – him or her! Matt is in great shape, and he takes our looks away from Luciana’s wonderful plunging red gown with thigh-high slit, which deserves its attention.

+5 Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth
In contrast with ever-popular Jolie look on red carpet this year, Kate channels Grace Kelly vibes. We adore this delicate and stylish flowing dress, which accentuates her perfect shape and speaks of romance.
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5 Beauty Tips: Elle Macpherson February 24 2016

The legendary Body didn’t get her name for nothing: even at over 50, Elle has enviable looks and excellent attitude. Jewel has found some of her most effortless beauty advice, and shares it with you. Enjoy!

elle macpherson

1 From the inside

I believe in wellness and maintenance, which to me means "easy does it all year long". It's really simple: eat vegetables, fruits and lean protein, a little bit of dark chocolate - if that's what you like - and lots of water. Nothing too extreme; it's all about balance and trying a little bit every day. I always eat three meals a day and two snacks, and some of my favourite foods at the moment are: spinach, beetroot, goats' cheese, pearl barley, kale, quinoa, pine nuts, halloumi cheese and I do eat fish but no red meat or chicken. I want to be well not for the number on the scales but to function well and have energy and a healthy circulatory system and everything else your body should do. As I've got older I've realised how important that is. It's a matter of 'how do I feel? rather than 'how defined are my muscles?"

elle macpherson

2 Guilt free 

I don't feel any guilt around pleasure. I love dark chocolate, meringue, peanuts, whipped cream, coconut milk, butter… Starbucks with my kids, which I do very rarely. It's everything in moderation. I've learned what doesn't work for me. As much as I'd love to chow down on a sandwich, I don't feel well afterwards, but it's not that I'm 'not allowed' it. It's all about being aware.

elle macpherson

3 Key intervals

If you really want to lose weight, try running intervals outside. I run for 20 minutes - one minute "on" running as fast as you can and then one minute "off" walking and catching your breath. By the time you've done the sixth interval, you won't be going too fast but it's a great way to get in shape.   

elle macpherson

 4 Erase it

Get bikini ready by scrub, scrub, scrubbing. I dry brush, wet brush, use scrubs in the shower - I'll try any kind of scrub. It's a terrific way to refresh, detoxify and soften the skin.

elle macpherson

5 Top Advice

My best piece of advice is to drink 3 litres of water per day and get at least 7 hours of sleep. If we all did that more often we would feel a lot better. 


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Sources: Vogue and Vogue.

Style Inspiration for Every Zodiac Sign February 17 2016


Today Jewel brings a bit of astrology knowledge in order to help you out with the styling struggles, and we are going to explore the term we rarely see in fashion magazine horoscopes – ascendant.

Ascendant stands for the most eastern point in the sky, and essentially it shows the zodiac sign that was rising at the moment of your birth. The ascendant represents your appearance, your energetic and the sensation that others will subconsciously receive from you. In short, ascendant is your best social veneer, the way you come across to people, especially if they don’t know you very well.

To learn what your ascendant sign is, follow this link and fill in your date of birth, including the hour. It is crucial to know your birth hour to the minute to figure out the ascendant, as even 10 minute difference can at times mean a different sign.

While your Ascendant sign will be crucial in defining your style, it is best to combine a few characteristics of your star signs in order to create harmony in your look. For example, the Venus sign will show your romantic style, while the Moon sign will speak of your caring nature. The Sun sign represents your inner state, while Ascendant is the way others see you.

Below are the descriptions of styles in accordance with the zodiac. From these, you can define whether your style comes closer to your Sun, Moon, Venus or Ascendant signs. When you find the right combination, you will easily mix and match your zodiac styles in accordance with any occasion: going for a date, you underline your Venus, and for the interview you mix a bit of Sun and Ascendant together.



 Aries Crystal Belt ring

Your dressing style is expressing your vitality and attracting attention to your persona. You give preference to creative bright and rich neon colour combinations. Dynamic, casual style with sporty elements will create a well-balanced look, which compliments your active lifestyle. Adding elements from a male wardrobe helps you to create your signature style. Jewel recommends our Crystal Belt ring that will compliment you best with its chic attention-grabbing design.



 Taurus CZ Tennis Bracelet

Your classic style emphasises feminine and elegant silhouettes. You choose high quality of your garments, and make sure they are to your figure. It might be a simple turtleneck, but it will be of high quality soft cashmere. Giving preference to clean, neutral colours without excessive prints or details makes your style stand out. To compliment your sophisticated look, choose accessories that will speak of your sense of taste, and CZ Tennis bracelet will become a perfect addition to a classic outfit.



 Gemini Boho Pearl Necklace

Your free spirit allows you to give full scope to your imagination, and the versatility of your styles brings you confidence. Keep an eye at current fashion trends, and don’t be afraid to bring new things into your wardrobe – your style shines on top of all trends. Drawing inspiration from current fashion bloggers and fashion Instagram accounts is your best strategy. Silver and gold Boho pearls pendants are ideal for Gemini this season, as they embody accessory trends of SS16.



 Cancer Filigree Heart

Your ideal style is quintessentially feminine, and may come up as a bit conservative, yet you successfully vary it in accordance with your mood. You adore gentle, pastel colour schemes and soft textiles. You embrace femininity in every detail of your outfits, and a Filigree Heart pendant together with Filigree ring become perfect additions to your jewellery box.



 Leo Crystal Braid Chain

Your looks must steal the show, or otherwise you wouldn’t be Leo. You choose colourful, unique items, which make you look gorgeous. Your style is elegant and confident, and every element accentuates your belonging to the elite. You can come across as proud, yet this just becomes another component to your success. Our Crystal Braid chain necklace from Jewel is bound to transform even the most functional outfit into a style statement.



 Virgo Rubbed Solitaire ring

Your style gravitates to stylish functionality. You carefully choose every element to it, even though it seems effortless. You prefer clear cuts without excessive details, toned down palette and discreet accessories. To add a bit of playfulness to your put together looks, you can borrow some elements from the male wardrobe. Our Rubbed Solitaire ring becomes a classic accessory to your feminine looks. You won’t notice how it will become a signature element to your everyday looks.



 Libra CZ Oval pendant

Your style is refined and very ladylike. You choose a gentle colour palette, and give preference to all-time classics instead of eclectics. Accessories are key to your look, they bring your outfit to a new level. There might be just a single piece of jewellery in your look, but you choose it scrupulously. Your looks are pure aesthetics, and have full right to belong to an art collection. Jewel understands your high expectations, and we believe that our Oval CZ pendant has been created just for you.



 Scorpio Jet Pearl Enhancer

You could be the only sign that can convey sexuality in their looks without appearing vulgar. You give full preference to dark and warm colours in your wardrobe. Mixing up polished looks with exotic leopard prints, or adding trendy lingerie style gives your look sexy edginess. For the everyday you prefer a single statement accessory, and a dash of languid perfume. The Silk Rope choker with Jet Pearl enhancer become refined additions to your structured looks.



 Saggittarius Chocolate Square earrings

You value freedom and comfort in your style, without compromising the elegance. Prints are truly your thing, and your outfit shines when they are combined in a novel way. Don’t shy away from ethnic elements, but always make sure your outfits are original and top quality. Your palette is typically toned down, yet you love lush colours. Chocolate earrings from Jewel will add unique style to your look with their delicate warm print.



 Capricorn Jet Pearl Drop earrings

Your style is sophisticated and to the extent sexy, but never over the top. You prefer classic cuts and simple styles. Pencil skirts, chiffon tops and shift dresses have been created for you. Your colour combinations are classical and effortless, and you use your accessories to accentuate your social status and your aesthetic. Grey Pearl studs and Jet Pearl Drop earrings are eternal classics, and will match your wardrobe perfectly.



 Aquarius Teddy Bear broch

Your style is free-spirited and innovative. You rock the eccentric look, and are never afraid to show your true colours. You feel your best self when you dress into whimsical outfits, which are perfect only for you. Exploration is key, and courage to wear items from the opposite looks makes you so charming. Your accessories may not be trendy yet, but you are the trend-setter. Jewel suggests Teddy Bear brooch to play around with.



 Pisces Bohemian Flowers Enhancer

Subtlety is the best word to describe your style. Your looks gravitate to romantic, flowing pieces with vintage elements. Country, bohemian and ethnic looks all create great combinations in your wardrobe. Lace and ribbons are your best friends, yet your outfits remain effortless with understated sexiness. Our Bohemian flowers enhancer will add magical aspect to your dreamy looks and will sure to accentuate your great sense of style.


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Source: Simple Beyond blog

5 Brilliant Instagram Accounts to Fall For February 10 2016

Jewel continues the month of love with loveable photographs. Our team got obsessed with Instagram over the week (to be honest we’ve always been obsessed), and today we present five hidden gems from this most aesthetically appealing social media website. Whether you are new to Instagram, or have been using your filters long enough to realise it’s a bad form, you will sure find something magical there every time. Here is a set of five fabulous accounts from all over the world, which are not yet popular worldwide:

 1 @hellodecembersun / Croatia / 2133 followers, be the next one


A warm account with a cold name, Ines is a Croatia-based photographer, whose magical images are sure to inspire. She travels around old Europe and captures the little pleasures of the every day. This delicate account is as pretty as is its owner.



2 @jinnaa / US, California / 744 followers, be the next one

@jinnaa palm trees; @jinnaa street

A full-time photographer and traveller, @jinnaa portrays colourful California, its architecture, lifestyle and wildlife. And if the land of sunshine is not enough, she posts her Europe shots on a regular basis: expect mint shots from Amsterdam and Paris too. Her comprehensive and breath-taking photographic style will leave you with an urge to book tickets to... anywhere!



3 @d_iphone / Germany / 9652 followers, be the next one


This account of a Munich resident is a fairytale postcard from Bavaria. Daniel shoots crisp winter landscapes and pleasant shots of the city architecture. This wonderful combination produces a great guide of south Germany you can explore without leaving your bedroom.



4 @louievtong / New Zealand / 3576 followers, be the next one


An outstanding Instagram account which captures New Zealand scenery and architecture with precision and style. Louie is an architecture student, design enthusiast, and a drone operator, so his account boasts with clear-cut images of New Zealand aerials and stunning shots of contemporary architecture.



5 @kelly_lodge / US, New York / 717 followers, be the next one


Here is a beautiful portrayal of New York by a newly wed, and it talks love to life and to this stunning city. Kelly captures poetic views on the city, as well as touching shots of personal life. This is a lovely account full of sincere images and emotions.


P.S. Jewel Online is also a proud owner of an Instagram account. We post photographs of our stunning jewellery and New Zealand views every day, so follow us for a touch of sparkle and exclusive offers! 

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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her February 03 2016

V Day is inevitably approaching, and Jewel recommends preparing for it in advance. Whether you plan to propose or just to create a memorable day full of love, preparation will send your idea to a new level of awesomeness. Once you have figured out how you want to spend it, you are good to choose the perfect gift for the one special lady in your life. Jewel ladies’ team has selected five top pieces from our collections which are sure to get to the innermost part of any woman’s heart.

1 Filigree Heart Pendant


Hearts are a “go to” present for a Valentine’s and you can’t really go wrong with this one. If you are aiming at a memorable present she will wear for years on, this romantic pendant is a perfect choice. Its delicate design radiates romance and creates an undertone of enchantment to any look, making it a very feminine piece. The pendant also comes on an ultra trendy elongated chain, so a fashionista is sure to fall for it too. Comes in silver or gold.


2 Mystic Topaz Ring 

Maybe you are not quite into five-figure Valentine’s day gifts, or maybe that very special ring is on her finger already. No matter what stage of your relationship you are at, this jewellery piece will sure to prove your most sincere feelings for her. Styled in ‘princess design’, it is sure to make her look extra special this Valentine’s and to attract the white envy of all of her female friends. A very special ring for a very special girl indeed!


3 Boho Pearls Pendant


We didn’t just call this gorgeous piece Boho for nothing. This statement pendant creates rich and bold accent to any outfit, but it works magic with free spirited styles. Not quite sure if your special woman is in into bohemian? Check out our Pinterest board. One thing is certain, women wild at heart will fall for this one. 


4 Pave Ball Earrings


These perfect sparkles are an ideal gift if you want to spoil her this Valentine’s without being too pushy. These stunning earrings are excellent if you are celebrating your first V day together, and you have not quite learned her style yet. Whether your lady is into casual chic, or loves smart office style, this dazzling set is sure to highlight her bright personality. Choose between silver and gold.


5 Hearts and Charms Bracelet


This piece is a superstar of Jewel’s Valentine’s Day range. The bracelet creates a memorable look, and although it is designed in vintage, women of all style preferences universally adore it. One of our all-time best-sellers, this gift will assure her that your intentions are as substantial as this outstanding piece of jewellery is.



Lastly, if you are into a spectacular effect for your jewellery gift, don’t forget to order a bunch of her favourite flowers from Wild Poppies!

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5 Tips for Valentine’s Day If You’re Not Into Valentine’s Day January 27 2016


Valentine’s is a difficult day. It takes lots of speculation whether or not it should be celebrated if you’re out of high school, already married and have kids. And it is agonising if you happen to wake up by yourself this year. Or maybe you just can’t stand romantic declarations of love in public spaces. For the social outcasts of the Valentine’s Day, Jewel team has compiled this Ultimate Guide for showing appreciation to their loved one(s) or having a bit of fun over the weekend.

1 Get Generous

What is less romantic than needles? Sign up for blood donation with NZ Blood and you might just as well be a saviour for somebody’s loved one. The cause sounds noble, but the procedure will soon bring you down from the clouds. It’s also a great way to get your donation done and dusted for a season. Get a lunch before, and after the hospital atmosphere even roses won’t feel cliché. Feel free to donate with your sweetheart, or just by yourself, and bringing children to the centre might be a great way to get them educated.

2 Flowers and Butterflies

The Zoo is a fun and easy option if you don’t want to stay away from your kids, or just enjoy a lively atmosphere. For a single option, ask to baby sit the little ones from your family and have some real kidz fun like you are 9 years old again! Your family is sure to appreciate it too. If you are seeking a more serene space, a botanical garden might be for you. These are great for an intimate walk together, or an exciting exploration for the whole family. And if you are just by yourself this Valentine’s, grab your camera with you and make all your Instagram followers envy the beauty that you saw.

Here is the list of top zoos and gardens in NZ: Auckland Zoo, Hamilton Zoo, Orana Wildlife Park, Wellington ZooAuckland Botanic Gardens, Christchurch Botanic Garden, Gardens in Tauranga, Hamilton Gardens, Wellington Botanic Garden


3 Space Up 

You may not be into volunteering, but you sure would like to make your life better. And since Valentine’s is so conveniently a Sunday this year, why not catch up on some cleaning? Set yourself (and your other half) on cleaning one bit of your property, be it bedroom, garage, or that shed at the end of the garden which has not been opened since 2012. Make some cool summer snacks, turn energising music on, and don’t forget to dress up for the occasion! For a single option, think of inviting some other singles over or just dive into your house memories. Bonus points if you do a garage sale as well, and use the cash to pamper your loved one, even if this is just yourself!

Here are some nifty tips from Houzz, LIfe Edit and Yahoo.

4 Goosebumps

Well, fear is the opposite of romance, isn’t it? If you happen to live in Auckland area you have it easy, as Spookers is pretty much at your backyard. Prepare to get scared like you have never been before. This is also a great option if your Valentine’s also happens to be a first date, as those horrors are sure to break any kind of ice. For families with those below eight, check out their Amazing Maze. As a singleton, you might find this place as the best hiding spot of the gloomy moods, or just a great way to wind up.

If you are seriously into the scary, here is the list of New Zealand’s haunted locations (some of them might surprise you). And in case Spookers website has scared you enough, no one stops you from celebrating Halloween just a bit earlier this year!

 5 Mamma Mia!

Here is a new twist: Valentine’s is a perfect occasion to spend up a bit on a great show. Brownie points if you go out of your way and choose the show that your partner particularly likes, or always wanted to see. As a couple, a colourful burlesque show might become a place for inspiration, and as a singleton, you might even go even further and head to something like Hush Hush. Family option might include a morning matinee, and if you are on a budget this is a great way to see a show without paying too much. Check out Eventfinda or Ticketmaster for shows in your area.


And finally, for all the hopeless romantics out there, head to our Pinterest board for great tips!


Images from Life of Pix, Pexels, Stock Snap, Unsplash

5 Jewellery Trends of 2016 January 20 2016

Oh those fashion shows, don’t we love them! Jewel team have found themselves dazzled by the colours and textures of 2016’s collections, and occasionally quite shocked too. So here is our 2016 trends reality check: we inspected major accessory fashion trends this year, and have distilled the ‘wearable’ options that you can safely add to your own wardrobe without having to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. 


1 Necklaces


The bigger and the more bizarre is the better! No doubt, necklaces are great in making an outfit look more sophisticated and eye-catching, apart from drawing looks to the chest.

Jewel suggests toning down a bit the size and amount of sparkles of those runway pieces. Our top picks for 2016 are Abalone Disc PendantLayered Crystals Pendant, Silver Crystal Braid Chain.



2 Gold


Gold truly goes royal on the runways this year, and we absolutely love how designers use this rich element to accentuate power and elegance. In 2016, gold becomes one of the most prominent palettes in the fashion industry. Jewel loves the ability of gold acessories to work for any occasion and outfit. Our 2016 picks are: CZ Nest Ring, Diamante Bracelet, Crystal Key Earrings.



3 Chains


Chains were all over runways last year, but they are not giving their positions yet. Apart from belonging to bags and necklaces, chains are finding their way to other accessories like earrings and even parts of clothing. Jewel will not risk asking you to drape yourself exclusively in chains, but this stylish element is a must this season. We suggest: Nautical Belcher Chain, Nugget Chain, Jet Pearls and Ovals Chain.



4 Hoops


These timeless classic earrings have found new life on the runway in rather extreme sizes. Jewel admires models’ earlobes and suggests staying away from hoops bigger than 10 cm as health and safety precaution. Our choice is Fine Hoop Gold Earrings, Triple Hoop Silver Earrings, Petite Oval Gold Hoops.



5 Pearls


Pearls have been spotted both on the runway and in street style, Rihanna taking it to the next step. Jewel loves pearls trend, as it uses the classier options of the past and can be morphed into something modern while still appearing quite sophisticated. Jewel picks of 2016 are: Delicate Three Tone Pearls, Boho Pearl Gold Pendant, French Style Bead Earrings.

In need for more ideas? Follow our Pinterest board.

Sources: Fashionisers, Jewelry Trends, Vogue.


5 David Bowie Style Moments January 12 2016

This week Jewel pays tribute to an untimely deceased pop icon David Bowie.

While trying to figure out the backbone and rules of his style, we have discovered that for Bowie, there were no such things as rules. Indeed, David Bowie claimed that his style basis is the ‘anti-style’. Each time, the idol would turn himself upside down and still remain the most naturally stylish man. And it seems that Bowie would not give us five pieces of dressing advice, but leave us with a single one: in order to be truly a stylish person, one needs to live and breathe it. Own it, and it will be yours.

David Bowie has turned his life into a true art masterpiece, and Jewel has compiled his most gaudy style moments:


  1. 1962 - 1968: Early Suits


Surprisingly to everyone familiar with Ziggy Stardust, Bowie has not always been a flamboyant alien. His early style reminds of the casual elegance of the office clerks.


  1. 1969 - 1972: Happy Hippy


Angie Barnett, flourishing Hippie culture and interest in Buddhism have wrapped Bowie into delicate flower patterns and riffles.


  1. 1972 - 1974: The Glam Era


Ziggy Stardust. No words needed!


  1. 1980 - 1989: Loud and Edgy


Post-Ziggy era and Bowie is going strong with his famous Goblin King outfits.


  1. 1990 - 2015: Still Pop Chameleon


Although Bowie seems to finally land back on Earth in the 90s, his ability to adopt almost any style persona remains truly miraculous.


His impeccable sense of style will leave David Bowie in our visual memories for decades to last. David Bowie’s perpetual transformations have inspired us all to consider our styles and get more confident and more sincere with our looks. His creativity was inexhaustible and it looked like he will never stop. What a man to lose!


More David Bowie looks our Pinterest board

Sources: Billboard, NZ Herald, Vogue

5 Style Tips: Garance Doré January 10 2016

Today, Jewel starts a new series of style advice. We will present inspiring individuals and their style intelligence. Our first feature is elegant Garance Doré, talented illustrator, fashion photographer and blogger from - ta-da - Paris!

Garance Doré is graceful and versatile French blogger: her editorial offering is a coherent and seamless blend of beautiful illustrations, honest and authentic writing, striking photography and most recently, short narrative videos, which give her audience a view into her daily life. Garance has long been considered an epitome of effortless French chic, and today Jewel team has compiled top five style advice from this amazing woman:


1 On things everyone should own:

"A white tee shirt, a white men's shirt, a pair of straight jeans, a pair of ballet flats, and a pair of black sunglasses. Add red lipstick ;)”

2 On beauty inside out:

“I believe it has to be easy, personal and happy. I am not into crazy regimens; I’m very French in that sense. I walk a lot, dance a little, and always talk about getting a trainer to learn how to lift but never do. It’s the same with my diet. I’m getting better and better at only eating food that makes my body happy (if you pay attention, it really does tell you), I probably drink too much wine and coffee, but I have a natural taste for vegetables and simple, wholesome foods. And chocolate. And peanut butter. And margaritas.”


3 On morning routine:

“If I wake up in a bad mood, it means something needs to get fixed in my life. It can be small or big, but I always wake up in a great mood, so that’s a sign. Apart from that, mornings are the most personal, intimate times, so I really think, to each his own! No advice.”

4 On DIY beauty tips:

“Sleep. Curl up in my bed. Relax. Cry if I need to. Beauty is also letting go of control. You can come back to the world happy and quiet, in other words, beautiful. (Sorry I’m cheesy but I truly believe it.)”

5 On effortless chic look:

  • Be happy.
  • Be kind.
  • Let your boyfriend mess up your hair.
  • Open one more button on your shirt.
  • Go minimal on makeup. Show the real you.


Check out Garance Doré’s blog and her beautiful illustrations in our Pinterest board.



Sources: BoF , Grazia , The New Potato

5 Books You Absolutely Must Read in Your Lifetime (You Better Start Now) January 03 2016

Jewel Team is bringing you our list of books essential to reading for a ‘life well lived’. Unlike famous book series, we are far more realistic, and only recommend you read these five pieces. Easy-peasy!

1 Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin
This timeless classic is an ironic and gentle novel from our favourite English writer. We love reading this to time travel back into couple of centuries ago. Film interpretations are great too, but the book will allow you to reproduce all the details just the way you want to. Who said Elizabeth has a face of Keira Knightly? The unhurried sequence of representation is Austin’s signature style which makes her books so delightful to read. We are on to mastering Emma.

2 Vanity Fair, William Thackeray
Undoubtedly, this piece of classic literature is a book for all times. Thackeray describes the English society of the nineteenth century and he compares it with a fair - loud, many-coloured and unprincipled. What is wonderful about this literary work, is that it still applies to modern society. This is a wonderfully sarcastic novel, with rich and detailed language and lasting about eight hundred pages is a delightful way of spending time.

3 Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy
Tolstoy is universally known for his monstrous Talmud of War and Peace, which has been recommended to reading by one US president for the purposes of developing stamina and endurance. (We-know-who and we-know-why that individual needed stamina!) Still, being a remarkably fruitful writer, Tolstoy has produced an enormous amount of literary works, some of which are outrageously insane as much as others are remarkably beautiful. Anna Karenina rightfully belongs to the latter category. This is a complex and elegant piece about delicacies of female psychology, and not just a book about “that hysterical woman who threw herself under the train”. Apologies for the spoiler, but now that you know what it all ends like, you are bound to read how it starts.

Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling
All eight books of the saga! Although this truly enchanting book has not been around long enough to be referred as ‘all-time classic’, we reckon it has great future belonging to every library around the world. Although we hardly belong to the generation which was lucky enough to be raised while the books have been published, we still enjoy diving right into the middle of this wonderfully-written fairy tale. Another good reason for actually reading the books is that they provide key to understanding the crumpled film adaptation.

5 Plays and stories, Anton Chekhov
Chekhov is a favourite in grad schools and writing classes, but true understanding of his simple yet deep and captious writing style only comes with age. Reader’s age. Chekhov is a very ‘adult’ writer, who is best appreciated when one has experienced life long enough. You need to appreciate the subtleties of the melancholic smile Chekhov’s stories leave for their reader. And like a true masterpiece, Cheknov’s stories reveal new facets of melancholy with every new re-read. Be prepared to a life-long relationship with Chekhov.


Images from Unsplash, Startup Stock Photos, Stocksnap

5 New Year 2016 Resolutions December 27 2015

Christmas season is done and dusted and New Year 2016 is almost at our doorstep. This is the time we start tailoring our yearly resolutions, and here is the list from Jewel team:

1 Drink more water

Banal? Yeah, but we still can’t master this delicate art. This is a vital habit to stay energized and productive during air-conditioned working days. As various advice ranges from 1.5 to 4 liters a day, we have decided to settle on 2.016 litres, or about 9 standard cups a day. Cheers!

2 Start doing Yoga

Well, it’s almost as benefiting for your health as water. You don’t need to sign up for a School or dedicate several hours a day for it either. Just find the doable time and stick to it. Even if its simply standing in ‘downward-facing dog’ five minutes before shower. Our favourite is Tara Styles channel. There, you can find any type of programme and follow it the way that suits you. Just make sure you add some relaxing music to complete the atmosphere of bliss.

3 Plan your Weekends

After a tough five working days, it’s nice to dedicate Friday night to socializing and dreaming of all the nice things to do on the weekend. Yet, all these dreams often stay just dreams if you wake up at around 3 pm after a great party the night before. So in 2016 we have resolved to make a weekly “weekend wishlist” and to implement at least top two, each for one day. Try to make it the most fun way you can too! Need to do groceries? How about meeting with your girlfriends on one of Sunday markets and get things done with coffee and smile on your face?

4 Volunteer

It’s great experience which enhances both your life and of those in need! Just pick a cause you care about and dedicate some time to it in the coming year. Jewel team is still picking their favourites; we have SPCA and Chromacon Festival in mind.

5 Live a positive life

We all have this one person in our circle of friends who appears to have swallowed sunshine for breakfast. This sort of people just glow from the inside with positivity and cheerfulness! Why not try to become one of their species next year? It’s not easy at all, and you might as well start with tiniest things like greeting your co-workers and family members with the most beaming smile every morning. Be sure, they will smile back!


Images from Unsplash, Startup Stock Photos, Stocksnap

5 Apps to Make Your Life Bliss December 17 2015


Let’s not deny it – you spend at least as much time with your smartphone as with your friends (but maybe even much, much more). Then it makes perfect sense to make sure this time is spent productively and enjoyably. Jewel team is here to help you upgrade your phone with some precious apps we have tested on ourselves.


1 MyFitnessPal

After all the basics (like Instagram), it’s our most essential app which helps getting in shape for upcoming holidays. MFP makes it so much easier to track daily calories and sustain nutritious diet, and so it is our number one app to fight those extra kilos, whether after pregnancy or especially productive ‘cake weekend’. After about a month of using it becomes really easy to count calories in that salad by eye, without meticulously calculating and noting down every ingredient. We are on and off this app
depending on the current weight. (Currently on.)

2 VSCO Cam 

VSCO Cam is an app we can swear on. It is essential for any quality picture editing from a phone, and brings Instagram photos to a new level of awesomeness. The app is free, though you need to pay for the most of new filters.

3 Uber 

Uber is an app for taxi service. Or, rather, it is a replacement of taxi service with a private driver. Apart from surprisingly low prices, the cars are new and clean and the drivers are really friendly. This is a perfect way to get to and out of town, as you don’t need to carry cash with you – the payment is going through the credit card registered in the app. So, Uber will help you get home even if you lost your purse (but not your phone). Heads up, frequent travellers – Uber is operating in 53 countries.

4 Pic Collage 

Pic Collage is a great mood creator. It helps making pretty collages for chats with girls, adding cute hearts, flowers, unicorns and other pretty stuff to your pics. Truly a girls’ app.

5 Duolingo

Duolingo is an app which helps us procrastinate without shame. Currently we are mastering Spanish and German and we love how it only takes five minutes or so a day to get smarter. You will need to have some grammar basics beforehand, but Duolingo is irreplaceable for keeping up with a language on the go.



Christmas Events Around the Country December 10 2015

While the rest of the world is enjoying snowy landscapes and consumes sugary pastry without guilt, New Zealand is soaking up in the sunlight for Christmas. Jewel Online has compiled a guide for essential summer Christmas celebrations throughout the country.

1. Auckland
Christmas at Auckland Zoo
December 14-18, 9.30am-5.30pm

As well as the regular stars on display- the animals - they're running a 12 Days of Christmas puzzle trail. Zookeepers will say a special hello for Christmas, and there will be Christmas-themed animal encounters. Santa will also make an appearance during a special interactive show at 10.30am, 11.30am and 1.30pm daily.

Source: NZ Herald

2. Wellington
AC/DC Tour
December 12, from 7 pm

Australian rock legends, AC/DC are coming to Wellington's Westpac Stadium on their Rock or Bust World Tour! More than four decades into a career that shows no signs of slowing down, AC/DC, like electricity itself, provides the world with an essential source of power and energy. The legendary band's high voltage rock 'n' roll has flowed into the world through sold-out concert tours and more than 230 million album sales. If there’s one thing you need to do in your lifetime, it’s see AC/DC live!

Source: Discover Wellington

3. Tauranga
Christmas at the Races
December 11, from 9:30 am 

Soak up the party atmosphere at Tauranga’s Christmas at the Races! With three fantastic events and a range of hospitality options to choose from, it’s the perfect chance to treat your guests to spirited thoroughbred racing mixed with a whole lot of festive fun! Make sure you book early as these packages sell out fast!

Source: Bay of Plenty Tourism

4. Queenstown
Shotover Jet Christmas Cracker
12 December 2015, 7pm - 10pm

In its inaugural year (2007) the Christmas Spectacular was a complete sell-out and proved to be the entertainment highlight of the festive season. Since then the concert has gone from strength to strength, attracting sellout audiences every year, fostering and showcasing our amazing local talent and bringing the community together to celebrate the festive season. A giant outdoor stage, loads of room for the kids to run around, food stalls and picnic hampers, a 2 hour show, a cast of over 200 and an absolutely spectacular fireworks display to round it all off made the 2014 show the biggest and best yet – and 2015 is shaping up to be even better again!

Source: Queenstown New Zealand

5. Christchurch
LEGO Christmas Ornament Workshop
December 13 and 20, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Who would like to join making your own original LEGO Christmas decorations at Imagination Station? Come and build with us and walk away with one decoration you have made! We have learnt that age is no barrier to learning with LEGO so we do not offer a strict age limit for any of our classes. Instead, if your child is aged 8 or younger then a parent must sit alongside the student learning (no extra ticket needed). If your child is 9 or over, we encourage you to stay, participate, and enjoy our coffee delivery service. If you do need to dash off, make sure you leave a contact number with us in the case of an emergency.

Source: Eventfinda

Clearance Range Now Online! October 23 2014

Favourite pieces from our past collections are now online. We have been working hard over the last couple of weeks to get pieces from past collections up online. We need these gone to make room for future products so we've taken the leap and set them at some very low prices. You will find old best sellers such as the Cross Pendant and the Crystal Russian Ring.

Promotion Code Issue Resolved August 08 2014

We have now resolved the issue where the system was asking for payment details before asking for the discount code. We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused during the time of the issue.

Jewel Now Online!!! July 13 2014

The Jewel Company is now online at You can now browse and shop from our fabulous range online. We are offering 25% off all our products to celebrate going online. Just use the code 'JEWEL' at the checkout. This offer is only available for a short time so get in quick!

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